The BMW X1 Car | Specifications|Features | Car Review


The BMW X1 Car | Specifications|Features | Car Review

The BMW X1

 BMW W X1 is an ideal vehicle for those who want to explain driving pleasure according to their needs and wishes. Its SAV ratios exhibit impressive Applebom, its internal flexibility Through the BMW xLine and BMW Sport Line, it offers two design world which allows you to set special accents in the external and internal. Thanks to the combination of BMW efficiency mobility measures and skilled BMW twinpower turbo engines, all engine versions in BMW X1 have impressive low consumption and emission values.


BMW X1 interprets the characteristic presence of a SAV in this way, which is dynamic in versatile and uniform measurements. In urban setting or off-road, with its long wheelbase and short overhang, its powerfully defined silhouette kills an impressive person. It combines an athletic design with compact external dimensions, without compromising on the liberal amount in both rows of flexibility or seats. Combination of high quality materials and matching integrated pronunciations efficiently closes the BMW X1 Look

Exterior design

Its mere presence awakens the feeling of finding: This is where the stylist features of a SAV concept meet the dynamics and athletism of urban lifestyle. With its high ceiling line, the body produces specially generosity of vastness in the interior. The outer roof rails on the body strengthen the visual cooperation with the athletic look and the X family. They give their distinctive presence in front and back. These special features, which are also available in many exclusive paint finishes, additionally provide protection against chip damage during Off-Road excursion. Aerodynamic excellence and lack of fuel consumption are confirmed by the details such as the side air blade on the telegate and the integrated air curtain in the air inlet on the front.

LED Light Design

The sporting power of the BMW X1 external has increased steadily, thanks to its standard feature LED daytime light. If necessary, expanded work such as cornering lights in LED technology allow adaptive beam distribution alongside roadside lights in urban traffic. Also, LEDs use 50% less energy than conventional bulbs - with a significantly higher lifespan and increased light range

Panorama Glass Roof.

The Panorama glass roof offers a mind-boggling view and allows to make a great deal of light in the interior, especially lending to the vast and open atmosphere. If the sunlight is very bright, then the roller sunblind can be closed simply and easily. With slide and lift functions, Panorama glass roof offers many options for great ventilation. If the roof of the glass is placed in the ventilation position, Sunblind is automatically rolled back to allow the desired airflow. And when driving with the roof integrated air deflector automatically rises in action to reduce the disturbance.

Interior Decoration

Familiar with the BMW X1 wonder This traditional driver-oriented cockpit layout is made possible with its extremely innovative and sophisticated design elements. The feeling of touch plays an important role here: Exceptionally excellent content and top-class finishing effects from the very first contact. Ambient light which internally customizes the selection of materials such as leather, fine woods and aluminum along with interior, with their specific quality. And also on practical details, attention is clearly evident in BMW X1: The liberal design center consoles with emerging roller cover cup holders and extra storage spaces provide freedom and underlines the versatility of the interior. Technical features such as navigation with Touch Functionality with the IDEA Touch Controller are conveniently located around the driver's seat. As a result, you feel at home in BMW X1 before the first visit.

Lines and equipment for BMW X1

BMW X1 is not only suited for your lifestyle but is also suited for your personal taste. Two comprehensive designs with both BMW XLine, and M-Sport package enable you to configure BMW X1 to meet your needs with the options of many tools.


Xline is the right choice to emphasize the off-road character of BMW X1. It revises the impressions created by the BMW X1, not just through its satin-aluminum add-on, but also the sports activity vehicle, with strong Xyline-specific 18 '' light alloy wheels in the strong 'Y' Speech style. Special colors and materials in the interior stylishly revolve with xLine.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Diesel Engine

The new generation of the BMW TwinPower Turbo Diesel Engine is a proof of the rigorous application of the BMW efficiency dynamics philosophy, which combines the performance with power consumption in top digits and low fuel consumption. Diesel engines are remarkable for the speed of all engines, as well as for excellent feedback and agile power distribution for their low fuel consumption. They are famous for their excellent efficiency and mobility, which produce very low emissions and friction to guarantee maximum driving comfort.

BMW TWINPOWER Turbo petrol engine.

The BMW TwinPower Turbo 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine guarantees maximum driving pleasure. It is remarkable for its excellent power distribution as well as its excellent response to low engine speed, while exceptionally fuel efficient and low in emissions.


BMW X1's driving motility and ability

BMW X1 is in its element everywhere, which is inspirational with its precise handling, whether on the road or off-road. It is made possible by a series of fully integrated components. For this, the base comes from the nearest maximum weight distribution of 57:43 (front \/ back) on two axes. Optional Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System BMW XDRIV gives the power of BMW X1 to the exact wheel where it is needed - despite the surface of the road. The design designed for maximum mobility gives you accurate feedback at all times. Plus, the BMW X1 Comprehensive BMW reduces fuel consumption and emission thanks to efficient mobility measures. And, as a result, you see fast driving pleasure with every meter.


Combining a combination of economic BMW TwinPower Turbo engine, intelligent lightweight construction and sophisticated aerodynamic combination, BMW X1 is the basis for increased driving pleasure with fuel consumption. The goal of this approach is to have BMW efficiency technologies such as automatic start / stop function and standard-feature power management with brake energy regeneration. Options such as 8-speed steatronomic transmission help in increasing efficiency and mobility in BMW X1.


The intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system is almost perfectly suited to the most challenging road surface conditions, which always provides excellent traction. xDrive and dynamic stability control (DSC) ensures that BMW remains completely stable. To prevent controlled, overdear or underwear through DSC sensor system, XDRI delivers drive power flexibly and between letters, thereby ensuring excellent directional stability. In important road conditions, DSC does not need to intervene as much. BMW XDrive combines all the advantages of all-wheel drive systems - traction, directional stability and driving protection - with classic BMW agility for even more driving pleasure.


Steptronic broadcast sets standards in comfort, mobility and efficiency. They are a major component of BMW's efficient mobility measures. The optimal distance of the gear allows optimal power build-up at all speeds. This reduces the consumption of fuel to a great extent, as well, provides you even more sportiness and mobility.

8-speed Steptronic transmission

8-Speed ​​Stripronic Transmission ensures fast gear changes and more driving comfort, thanks to faster engine speed transition and short shift time. It unites excellent comfort with an impressive mobility and an increase in fuel efficiency.

8-Speed ​​Stripronic Sport Transmission

Automatic 8-speed steatronronic sports transmission is compatible with individual driving styles. It has a very dynamic handling with comfortable cruising. In Sport mode, gear changes have been configured for maximum performance. Gears can be manually changed using the gear lever or gearshift paddle on the leather steering wheel.

7-Speed ​​Stripronic Sport Transmission with Double Clutch

Automatic 7-speed steatronronic sports transmission with dual clutch allows very sporty gear changes. In addition to automatic gear selection, switching sporty manually is also possible. A shift point display gives appropriate recommendations, and the gear changes through selector lever or paddle on the game leather steering wheel. In automatic mode, gear selection optimizes the individual driving style. The spectrum ranges from comfortable gliding to very dynamic driving style.


According to an internal BMW fuel consumption study, ECO Pro Mode helps drivers reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 percent depending on their driving style. Increased seating function and ECO Pro Route provide increasing savings.


Like every BMW, BMW X1 also has BMW efficiency mobility technologies such as automatic start / stop function, brake energy regeneration and electromechanical power steering standard features. To provide mobility in the future, all technologies work together in the form of intelligent energy management.

Automatic start / stop function

Automatic reduction of automatic fuel consumption switches from the start \/ stop function engine when the vehicle comes in a temporary standstill (such as in traffic lights or traffic jam). When the driver presses on the clutch (manual transmission) or takes his foot from the brake (the transpironic transmission), then the engine automatically starts again in a fraction of a second.

Brake energy regeneration

Along with the Break Energy Regeneration, the alternator mainly generates electricity when the driver takes the break or takes his foot from the accelerator. The first unused dynamic energy is converted into electrical energy and fed into the battery. Alternatively, there is no need to run continuously, the fuel consumption droplets and full output of the engine are made available for the drive train when it is run.

Electromechanical power steering

Unlike the hydraulic system, electromechanical power steering is activated only when the driver actually moves. This means less energy - and therefore less fuel - is consumed.

Optimal shift indicator

Fully timed gear shift can help save fuel significantly, in urban traffic and long distances. Change the gear at the right time, use less fuel - the engine's electronics system recognizes the most efficient gear on the basis of the road conditions and the speed of the engine. To show an arrow in the information display, it will be more efficient to move in higher or lower gear. This system also recognizes accelerated acceleration, and its recommendation will delay the engine speed. In the manual mode, drivers who use a steutronic transmission also receive relevant transfer suggestions. Internal comparative tests of BMW have shown that vehicles with optimum shift indicators use up to four percent less fuel.

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