BMW I8 REVIEW | Price | Features | Specification |


BMW I8 REVIEW | Price | Features | Specification |

Price: £106,255 – £116,250


Four years from the launch and I still feel like it has come to earth through a discontent in spacetime. Yet this is what we call a change on earth. Although the face has hardly changed. 

The main news is the gorgeous roadster version. There are many skin changes in the follicle, which are usefully useful in both handling and efficiency. I8 looks amazing fanatic. 

The minimum-drag size-work for efficiency is combined with artistic form of flourishing flamboyance flourishes. Unconventional and brave form of powertraen and structure style. A small mid-mounted 231bhp petrol engine runs rear wheels through a six-speed automatic gearbox, while a large 143bhp electric motor drives the front wheels. It allows three different types of propulsion. In sports mode, you match with your M4 of BMW in association with AWD sports-car driving.

Hybrid mode is peaceful and super-efficient. Or this plug-in can travel up to 75 miles per hour using the battery reserve. The car can prepare its own drive strategy to use minimal energy - whether it comes from gasoline or electricity. 

Take a short, is one part of it, and so there is minimal rolling resistance - look at those tires. The second is light weight. Coupe is 1,535 kg. Even the roadster is less than 1,600 kilograms, which is less than 911 when exiting the 4WD, autobox and electric ceiling. How did they do this? Using a tub of carbon fiber with aluminum subframes and light exterior panels.

But it was so clever when new engineers began to exercise caution. With the benefit of the experience, they have given the juice to the battery (it is already 70 percent higher) and the main traction motor. Gainers are electric range, fuel efficiency and hybrid performance . 

It should now be a realistic distance of 20-25 miles, and the official CO2 number for the coupe should be as low as 42G / km. Apart from this, they have canceled the original Undertaker of the original using the new Front Daper Calibration and the Stator Rear Anti-Roll Bar.

The roadster receives those changes and the coupe plays one more step down. Roadster is not just an appropriate weather spider. The three-layer electric cloth ceiling is properly sealed and serene. 

So it adds another aspect to this wonderful car. In a lightning mode, quietly, through a city, under the roof, you feel visually intimate with the view of the streets. But in the 4WD sports mode, the roof-up, you still have the talent of the coupe in the form of weather season.


 >>>   DRIVING

Sports cars are very good when you get the chance to do maximum attacks. But most of the time, on most roads, this is not happening. And then disappointment just gnaws over you I8 is different.

This is not your best six-size sports car - although be assured that it is hard to shy away from being flat-out on your favorite road. The special thing is that in towns or non-overcoming road trains, it connects all other types of dimensions to keep you busy. But first of all, you want to know how it is in the form of a sports car. 

To reach the game mode, take the transmission lever towards it. The dial turns red and the echo-meter becomes a rev-counter, the dipper settings become firm, the hood swaps the navigation arrows for a tacho and shift-lights, and the additional engine sound - is completely a Unlike fixed flat-size versions -six.

It manages to get amazing performance from its soup Mini Cooper 1.5-liter three-cylinder. The engine keeps running in the game mode all the time. Whenever you do not need all your power for acceleration, then it can use the front motor to push the battery back and generate electricity.

This way, the next time you mash the accelerator, both the engine and the front motor will put their shoulders in work. The performance is actually up to sports-car standards - 0-62 mft is in the middle-four-second range, and when you pass into three figures, things keep moving, though the top end is limited to 155 miles per hour. 

It can use more engine revs - strict 6,500 rpm threshold is not all exciting. However, due to the power torque, there is a lot of reaction in the middle class - so much that it can be overcome, with a very wide gap between the bus, the second and the third gear. Can the power line make life very easy?

However, this is a small thing, at the age in which many sports cars give us boring four-cylinder turboos. For the most part, conferencing is also good news. The level and truth in the tilt with the amazing cutting edge from the I8 narrow front tire. Mid-corners, sterring chatsers are attractive if the nose weight turns on crest and plunge. On unexpected roads, the safety of 4WD is a terrific assurance.

Chassis response through the seat is also strong. He said, this news tells you that you can be incompatible. Get electricity in a corner quickly, especially a slippery, and it is a guess game that you ll get a light underwear or a tasty lightweight overstare. (ESP in any way cuts down very quickly, so use its dynamic setting. It seems that whether the front motor is busy getting busy or not, nevertheless, these are light effects. It is a fun, smart and precise machine, it also rides well.

It helps, that you sit low in wheels, where rocking and pitching do not intrude but even in chassis Good absorption occurs, narrow tires generate significantly fewer street noise by sports-car standards.The brakes are solid and reliable in concrete running, but gradually brushing the pedal in low speed hybrid operation creates an artificial experience. As it is practically on earth, with any hybrid. Ah yes, hybrid mode. 

By trying to drive in a sweet place Attraction is the attraction where all the systems are the most efficient.The engine is quiet when it runs, and closes it for most of the time. 

Sometimes you are suddenly delayed while asking for electricity, but generally Given this complexity of work, you hopefully unknowingly. Finally, full-EV mode will take you a smooth, silent, stealth and adequate nipple 25 miles after a full charge.



The first challenge is happening. Wing doors (waste on roadster) means that you have to duck, and high quality means that you have to scratch your feet to raise. Swing designs and high seals also come out in pockets or cup holders in the doors. But hey, if you are not ready to pay a small price for the play, then you do not buy this car.

Visibility is also an issue. The screen pillars lie back and closer, therefore you are switching in tight seats or in the intersection, watching through the windscreen and side window, you are rocking. The hip behind the roadster turns diagonal into a nightmare. There is no previous camera - only sensors, despite good people.

It seems like a sports car there. You sit down and snatch in horrible seats. The materials are up to the harsh demand price, and the controls and switchgear ergonomics are in the form of sound as always in the form of sound of BMW. It is also stylish and fashion-forward, if not completely out of the futuristic form (to manage it, it would probably require joysticks instead of the steering wheel).

In the coupe there are small seats in the back. They are bigger than 911 plus two jobs, but even you will use them only for luggage. The previous boot is small but usable. The boot is effectively smaller in the roadster because you can not load it to the glass hatch height, but the previous seats have gone so there is a dedicated shelf for a pair of overhead-locker size bags.

The magnificent cockpit aero gives results with this carefully detail. You can drive the roadster comfortably with a little disturbance at 60 miles per hour with windows, and you can move that way up the window.

The terrace drops to 15 miles or 30 miles per hour. When this happens, you have almost got finishing up to the coupe standard.



I8 comes with a government subsidy to buy it, and it does a good fuel economy, and the three years involved in the price / 36 miles servicing.

But this is the thing ... even though it is still more expensive than the nearest counterpart, 911 Carrera 4 Tiptronic Due to depreciation: it is a lot to buy, and still three years old .

On the other hand if you are a company car driver, the picture changes because i8 benefits In type, which depends on CO2, is very low. For anyone in the 40% tax bracket, it is going to be £ 20k ​​in taxes over the three years / 60,000 miles to the i8 drive, and doubled for 911 .

Now, The official fuel figure for the coupe is 156.9 MPG and CO2 is 42 gm / km, the roadster is slightly worse at 141.2mpg and 46 gm / km .

Certainly official fuel figures can be very meaningless for the PHEV. If you drive 25 miles to work, and charge it at home and work, you can never use any fuel for your arrival. And even while driving it, we stole it on super-twister roads, without recharging, we got 25mpg. In the adolescent rival combustion cars come down well However, make sure that you specify the optional 42-liter fuel tank, the silly 30-liter standard is one of the best ways to reduce i8 fuel consumption in the power.

One of them believes that you will charge at your SAT-NV destination. It reduces work between petrol and electric propulsion, at least attempts to use electricity in favor of electricity and reduces the battery charge as soon as you reach .

I8 can not take faster DC charging, or even medium speed AC charging, but its battery is relatively low 11.8kWh nominal. Charging time on a 3.6 kw wall box is less than three hours. BMW makes it easy to use public points with your Charzono card, which organizes payments in many networks, so you do not have to sign up for them all .

Speaking is simple - The standard kit includes HUD, connected navigation, Harman Cardon audio, LED headlights and more. You can not get any maintenance or adaptive cruise system, because there is no room for sensor. The title option, beyond trim and paint colors, is a set of extremely bright laser headlights which gauge deep in the night.

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